Thursday, March 27, 2008


There is something to be said for working hard. At the end of yesterday I had worked 45 hours this week. Sometimes when I am on my way home, I just feel wiped, but not last night. Last night I just had that great feeling of accomplishment, that I am well on my way, and that yes I love my life! Even despite the craziness it sometimes brings with it. I love that the class I teach on Wed. nights has a great group of ladies in it. We have great discussions and debates and at times they even ask for research data to support what I'm saying. Gotta love that! I am always up to proving a point you know, and if it makes someone a better provider for children, then that is even better.

After class I ran to pick up the kids at a movie. They are having a great spring break. The girls have been volunteering at the center and Brennan has gotten in a lot of R&R. They all went to see Road Trip last night.

I have been working super hard at work to get caught up and am almost there. I hope to get my office cleaned out a bit and to take some things home to start preparing for my departure. I have two meetings next week to meet my new clients at my new internship. That will be exciting I hope. I believe there are a lot of learning opportunities there. I can't wait!

Finally, the latest blog news. I am looking for blogs that classrooms have set up. If you know of any good ones, please post a comment with the blog address. AND, if you could take a minute...please vote for my blog on Blogger's choice awards. There's a link to the right. You just have to sign up (which is easy), click on the confirmation email, and then you can vote! It's that simple! When you go to Blogger's choice, there are a zillion blogs in different categories. Check out a few new ones! I did and really found a few that I liked. I added a link to Blogtations which includes some of the best blog quotes out there. Check that out too! Oh! And HEY! Look to the right...someone from Blogher wanted to advertise on my blog!!! How exciting! Ok, maybe you don't get excited about those things, but I sure do!

AND Idol....bye bye Chickeze....'nuf said!

Until next time...

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