Sunday, March 16, 2008

Holy Week

Today marks the beginning of Holy Week for the Christian Faith. We had such an awesome sermon at church today, I thought I'd share a bit with you...may you be inspired!

My morning started off with this precious 6:15 in the morning...what a joyous happy face to share your day with! I told Kevin today that I am so glad she lives close, cuz Shana and Cassie lived far away when they were babies, and that was so hard. It is still tough that Gabe and baby Dylan live far away...but we still cherish our time together. We'll be heading to baby Dylan's first bday in just a few weeks...but I digress...After Aubrey's arrival, we played for a bit and watched one episode of the Young and the Restless. Evidently she's a lot like Kevin cuz she was soundly sleeping after that! We snuggled in Kristina's cozy bed for a morning nap. When she woke up she was cracking me up! She plays peek-a-boo, says oh boy!, uh oh, all gone, and still 85,000 words in baby that I can't yet understand. But she makes me laugh and it was a great way to start the day. We were off to church. The sermon was on Paul's Pattern for Success (copyright Dr. Rev. William Kerr) so as not to steal his material you know :) -- 1) Evaluate...inventory where you are & what needs to be improved. (Prov 28:13) 2) Eliminate...let go of your past and stop being manipulated by your memories. (Isaiah 48.13) To forget: your failures AND your success-- learn from them then let them go. 3) Concentrate- focus on the future...successful people are goal oriented. Do not suffer from 'fragmentosis'.. or being spread out too thin. 4) Determine: No matter what happens be persistent. What's important to know here is that less than 5% of Americans have a written goal. Do you? Next...How to be a persistent person.... 1) Fight to the finish... man am I living that right now! 2) Keep a teachable heart and 3) Be persistent...just do it. God, through his promises...tells us 1) Let us not grow weary of doing good for we will reap a harvest if we don't give up (thanks for letting me hear that today!) 2) God, who began a good work in you, will carry on into completion. What God starts...God finishes. And two closing thoughts...Nothing, absolutely nothing worthwhile happens without effort. If you are can be assured, your going down hill. OMG...can you even believe all that great information in one sermon? I believe I may need to get today's sermon on CD to reference when I am for sure feeling like quiting!! Pastor Kerr said Quit is a loser word, and then made a big L on his forehead with his hand. He cracks me up! The church was beautiful today. I love when the crosses are draped in purple... So pretty... Also today, we had a baptism. I was just thinking the other day, that is had been a long time since a baby had been baptized at my church. Well today, the candle was litwhich indicates that we had a baptism (or that someone has gone to be with God) but in this case it was a precious baby girl being Baptised. I always cry of course when the congregation quietly sings 'Jesus loves me' as Pastor Kerr is performing the ceremony. So beautiful. Finally, today was Palm we each got to take a palm leaf home. Kristina asked me what Palm Sunday was and as I was explaining how the people waved their palm branches at Jesus as he rode in on the mule...Aubrey began her own little palm waving in the back seat... (Hey Mom, don't you love that!?!)

After church we went out for a really yummy brunch -- it was so nice, because I really don't have a chance to do that often with such a big to do list...but today, the list waited and I enjoyed time with my family and the baby girl...I snuck in a quick nap when we got home. Shana came to pick up Aubrey sporting her new short hair cut! It's really cute, and I bet she will like it so much this summer! It's always nice to see her too, and we're busy planning Easter. Hard to believe it's a week away! After that we went to help Gramma move some furniture. Steph had her final performance today and then set tear down. We picked Brennan up from his tournament, and Stephanie from school and headed back to church for the 'Project Serve' spaghetti supper. The youth are earning money for their summer trip to go to Navajo Nation to help the Native Americans work on their reservation. A group from our church went last summer and today they had a lot of pictures posted of the work they did last year. I think this would be such a great opportunity for my kids...but time will tell if they feel the need to go. Brennan wasn't exactly about helping to serve dinner tonight, so I talked to him calmly and quietly about the importance of service, knowing he would choose to do the right thing....he still refused to being the kind, gentle parent that I am...I quietly whispered in his help me son, if you don't help tonight you will not go to a tournament for a month! With his renewed giving heart ;) he sure did offer to help! But, they had everything covered so he lucked out. (Now you know that I am going to have a talk with the youth pastor so that in the future if he offers to help...let's find him something to do, cuz it may be a once in a lifetime event you know!) It was a wonderful weekend even though the todo list remains largely undone. I have a lot to do this week with scrap night Friday night. Maundy Thursday on Thursday (of course) and Easter on Sunday...Better get some laundry in and get in bed...ready to start a great week!

Until next time...

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Catherine said...

Here, in France we also celebrate Palm Sunday. But it's called "le dimanche des rameaux", that means Branches Sunday refering to olive branch.
Very impressed by the dynamism of your reverend!
Who's that kind Aubrey?