Wednesday, March 26, 2008

1st official driving lesson

Stephanie had her first official driving lesson last night. Let me back track a bit. Stephanie took the classroom part of her Drive Right course back in September. She had been a bit apprehensive though of driving with a 'stranger' (the Drive Right Instructor), so I hadn't scheduled her driving portion yet. (Oh yeah, and for those of you wondering, I did actually let her drive in the snowstorm last week and she did great! [whew]) Anyway...on Easter night at 8:45 this woman calls and says she's from Drive Right and wants to schedule Stephanie's driving time. She also said she would pick her up at home and where did we live? Hmmmmm....odd. This is not how I thought it would work. So I said to the you really work for Drive Right? Because don't you find it odd to be calling me at 8:45 on Easter night and wanting to pick my daughter up and not knowing our address? (You really can't be too cautious you know) -- To which she replied...I can call back tomorrow if you'd like. Ummmmmm, missed the point there I guess. So I said to her, really if you're from Drive Right you should have our address...Oh yeah, I do, it's...So I got her name and against my better judgement scheduled the lesson for Tuesday. I called Drive Right to ensure this person was in fact employed by them and that she was Stephanie's instructor. Yep, it all checked out. So...last night the lesson went well, she wasn't nervous to drive with a stranger after all. With about 20 minutes left of the lesson they were waiting to cross the street. There was a lot of traffic they were waiting for and there were cars waiting behind Steph too. As they were waiting, the car behind her decided to go (where I don't know) but promptly rear ended her! The instructor said, "Ummmmm, well this has never happened before!" Stephanie said it was an Asian lady that hit her and she kept saying, sorry, sorry! Stephanie was not hurt, but I think it might have been a learning experience and I am SOOOOOO glad I was not in the car! Stephanie's response was "Man, it was a really loud crash!" ....yep, same thing I thought the first time I got hit! Perhaps I have a bit of sympathy whiplash today cuz I have the stiffest neck in the whole world!

The two DJ's I listen to in the morning both have children learning to drive also and they said this morning...there's one word for parents of new drivers...Hair dye!


Catherine said...

Alexandra, my daughter will be 16 on July. Then, it will be our turn.Great joy to see her becoming an adult, great fears for "our little baby" who she will always be in my heart.

Jacque said...

absolutely! It surely is a scary time!

Catherine said...

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Grammie said...

Oh my! Tell my baby girl that I am so very happy she did not get hurt! Sure glad it wasn't Steph's fault..that would have been devistating for her. Gosh how life can chang in a second, EH?

Lots of love..yo mama