Thursday, March 20, 2008

The bottom 3

Ok, yes, thanks for the accolades...Since I did, in fact, pick the bottom 3 on idol last night!! I was REALLY glad that Amanda went home. Since we are planning to see the idol tour again this year, I surely did NOT want to see her. She is so awful! It also made me happy because Amanda was 'vote for the's pick. So it's nice to see that they are having little to no impact on the show this year (as it should be!) I truly didn't think that anyone did a great job this week although David Archiletta was a lot better than he has been. And really, could he be any cuter? So, once Kristy and Carly go home, the real competition will begin. I can't wait!


Anonymous said...

See here or here

Grammie said...

Wow! I cannot believe that I haven't read any blogs since March 11th? What have I been up to? Guess I'll have to do my blog and fill you in. Anyway, maybe it is a good thing that I am not aware of your overly scheduled life (as perusual) or I would be totally stressed and it is that kind of stress that makes my heart do flip-flops. Please, my dear daughter, start taking better care of yourself. It is all the past stress in my seemingly infallible life, at the time, that has put my heart in the shape it is in today. I could not bear having anything happen to my baby girl. By the way, just yesterday I was telling Larry, I thought you were about 37. When I started counting the years from 1966, I was amazed that my baby was over 40!!!!
Much luv...yo mama

Candi Tardio said...

i am soooooooo glad amanda got the boot last night!!! i actually like carly :)