Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Jonas Madness

Ok, so Jonas Brothers madness has struck our house again. The Chicago ticket presale is today, and although I hadn't committed before, I did let the obsessed one Stephanie join the fan club. The problem with that is...I suppose I'll be purchasing tickets again today. The good thing is, I actually have grown to like their music, so I guess attending yet another concert won't be a bad thing! I do not enjoy traveling to the Tweeter center because it is so far away from us and the traffic is usually nuts! I, of course, have traveled there to see Kenny twice ;) I guess the apple isn't falling too far from the tree huh? So, an update...despite our joining the fan club today, the site crashed repeatedly and by the time we were able to get in (2 1/2 hours after the sale had begun) they only had yucky tickets left. Yes, that is a technical 'concert' word...yucky. So, it looks like we're ebay shopping again! Oh and by the way, in case you're wondering, the presale tickets were on sale on ebay within 15 minutes of the sale starting. Gotta love free enterprise!

I have a crazy schedule this week...15 hours yesterday, 13 today, 15 tomorrow, 14 Thurs, and 16 Friday. I believe there will be serious napping on the agenda for the weekend. Since I have a 'short' day today, I hope to catch idol tonight. We were joking the other day about a few years ago how tired I'd be if I had to work a 12 or 13 hour day! Isn't it all about what you're used to? If I worked 9 I'd have to go home and take a nap! Now when I work 9 I go home, cook and clean and do 800 other things without feeling tired at all! After graduation, I hope to join a health club and use this built up stamina to lose some weight and get fit! If I could stop by there an hour after work, I'd still be working so much less than what I am used to!

One more thing...the weather...finally 55 today. And yes, I broke out the sandals, even without a pedicure! That is on the agenda for this weekend and am hoping to get all of us a hair cut and Stephanie and I some highlights! Hello Spring!

Until next time!

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