Friday, March 21, 2008

Jammies, Snow, and Prayers

Firstly, on a somber note, Denine Anderson's Father-n-law passed away suddenly yesterday, from complications from lung cancer...please keep her family in your prayers this Easter weekend.

AND, did you all enjoy waking up to the blizzard today, cuz I for one, did not. Although we're expecting 6 - 9 I surely hope it melts quickly. At least it was warm before it snowed, so the ground is warm.

So...last night my MIL and I worked and worked on my house. ALL of the scrap stuff is moved upstairs [HOORAY!] and although it isn't perfect, it is all sorted, and more organized than it has been in forever. I still need to go through my desk drawers and sort that stuff, and still need some more advice from Sarah on how to organize further, but I am very excited at what I have accomplished so far! Tomorrow I do plan to work in there some more and get my two walls painted. I only have a few more things to buy for organization (which I will do next payday) and then I think this long awaited project will be complete! OMG, I digress...anyway last night after a completely exhausting evening, I fell into bed at about 8:30 -- my husband came in to get ready for bed. He grabbed what he thought was his drag racing T-shirt to put on for bed. You should have seen the look on his face when he realized he had on my nightgown, complete with pink and blue flowered collar and sleeves and a big flowered heart on his chest! He looked so shocked and of course I just laid there cracking up!!! If only I could have grabbed the camera before he changed! I told him, man this is one for the blog for sure!! Unfortunately, he wouldn't pose for a picture :) I appreciate his good heartedness regarding the fact that every crazy event in our life is made public on my blog...bless his heart! I caught the tail end of the apprentice and can't wait to see the results of this week's task. I have it on TIVO and perhaps this weekend will get to watch the 1st half of the show too. Scrap night and Sarah and Anne's birthday party tonight at my house. The house isn't perfect, but the company will be good, and I have a lot of projects to work on! Until next time...

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