Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Photos AT LAST!!!

I am not sure why Blogger (or my pc) finally has decided to let me post photos (Maybe ATT finally upgraded my DSL) but OMG let me get some posted before any of the aforementioned parties change their minds! Candi...this is for you...the super cute Hello Kitty luggage I saw at the San Rio shop. Sarah would think it was too busy---but I sure thought of you when I saw it...

Next topic...last week we had an enormous patch of ice on our sidewalk (or really over every piece of cement in the city). Anyway, when you walk around the corner of our garage...in order to miss the ice and not fall on your keester, you had to walk really close to the garage, which in my case resulted in crashing my head into this....AAAAGGGGGHHHH! I was sure I was bleeding...would I need stitches? OMG, none of the above but man did it hurt me to wash/brush/dry/touch or think about my hair for about the next four days. The next day I came home to find the light was crooked in the other direction. I came upstairs to find Kevin rubbing his head. "Man, my head hurts, I sure just hit it on that light while trying to miss the ice" -- For once in my life, I didn't laugh...we both decided next time, we'll just fall on the ice... (then I plan to laugh!)

And last but not least, the birthday party update...
When we first got to the mall...none of the stores were open yet except for Starbucks. Now personally I don't pay $7 for a cup of anything. However, if you're 12...I guess you do. So a few of the girls insisted on going into Starbucks while we waited for Hollister to open. As they were going I said, "You won't be able to take that into the store, so maybe that's not a good idea" Well you know I am 41 and they are 12 so naturally the intelligence God's are leaning in their favor. Of course Hollister opened, of course they couldn't take their drinks in, so...OF COURSE, they said, "Mom, can you watch our drinks while we run into Hollister?" Now really, that must have been a rhetorical question because in the blink of an eye there were no girls to be found and Gramma and I were left with 'the cups' :) After a few must have purchases at the Hollister (which amazingly some girls had never been there b4~ummmmm, why have my kids been there, and how did they find out about it when these other girls have not been to stores that sell $80 hoodies?)- I must not be living right...anyway we were off to Build-A-Bear....although it's about my 20th visit there, I still find it super cute, and the girls had a really good time...9 girls building 9 really cute animals...A fun time was had by all and I especially enjoyed this group thank you... video
After Build-A-Bear we were off to the Rain Forest Cafe, but wait, first, one of the girls suddenly had buyer's remorse and felt the need to return her shirt to Hollister (Oddly, it's the exact same feeling I get after shopping there and spending way too much on already worn out looking clothes) so of course she stopped to return her shirt, and once again Gramma and I were stranded outside Hollister guarding the bears... We finally made our way to the Rain Forest Cafe...the hostess initially thought that my daughter's birthday party would enjoy sitting at two different tables (Ummmmmm no comment) but after I explained to her that really 9 girls at a birthday party may perhaps by some chance enjoy sitting at the same table, they did agree to finally push 3 tables together in the entirely empty room in which we were seated. The girls all had a great time and I think that they must have taken 200 pictures there. The highlight of the meal was when the scuba divers went in the tanks to clean and to feed the fish. They for sure thought that was totally awesome. My MIL and I had some chicken fried chicken with some sort of tropical veggies and man was it tasty. The whole day just turned out terrific.
Mostly, I am glad I finally got to share it with you!
Until next time...


Candi Tardio said...

YES...that is the super cute luggage that i HAVE TO HAVE :)

great pic's from the b.day party!!! build a bear is so awesome!!! my BAB has a scrap outfit and a hello kitty outfit :)

Catherine said...

Was it the Birthday party of Anne & Sarah you wrote in your previous post? Very funny. Certainly expensive, but a fantastic souvenir!
Here, we already get Starbucks every where in Paris. A great success at every age from teenagers to their parents. Older generations are more sceptic about this "fad". My daughter and her friends, when they go shopping , go out of their way to drink something if they get enough money left!
Build a bear is not "arrived" in France.
When I see your video, I realize I understand you, reading, but verbally, I would'nt undertstand a word! very disheartening. Maybe I have to watch the video at a lower speed :)
Like the pictures, vivid enough post.
Bonne journée.

Catherine said...

Oh, and helmet for every body around the garage.