Thursday, March 27, 2008

buzz, bake & blog

Aaaaahhhhhh, that is the sound of a night at home! I had a client no show today so that gave me more time to be at home! I quickly stopped at the grocery store to pick up a few items that I needed to make my potluck dish for tomorrow. I'm making yummy pretzel jello salad that sounds really gross, but tastes really good! I ran back to the center, picked up the kids (my girls + Robert) and headed home. I was determined to get Brennan a much needed hair cut. Before... and after... So much better! After that, I was determined to give Robert a much needed hair cut! Before... and after... I am not sure why he looked so crazy in both of these photos...So much for the buzz part...Then, I was on to the baking part of the evening. My honey always complains when I make something yummy for work, but not something yummy for I also bought ingredients for homemade tollhouse cookies. (Not the kind in the tube) I was busy making my pretzel salad and asked the girls if they wanted to make cookies. Steph was watching the apprentice and Kristina was busy playing with Robert, so they both declined. Brennan yelled excitedly that he wanted to! The only problem is the only think my son really cooks is Ramon noodles. So, it was time for a cooking lesson. In no time at all he went from here... to here... His very first cookies! He did a great job! Done with the baking part. I sat down to blog when all of a sudden my family keeps saying...gee are there any clean clothes? And I keep saying, unless someone around here (besides me) has done some laundry, gee I don't think the laundry fairy has stopped, well, I guess no there aren't any clean clothes! So...I threw in some laundry...while they were washing I found time to blog :)
Finally, two random photos to share...when I got home, this poor Robin was sitting in our tree in the backyard in the snow probably wondering where he went wrong in his migration pattern. It was about 4:30 in the afternoon and yes the sky was really that gloomy. I mean please, for the love of all that's good, could we pullleeeeeze get some sun shine?!? At least more than 1 day out of every 7....oh yeah, and please by all means make sure it snows on the 6 days the sun isn't shining ok? Great! Oh wait, that's the weather we have, not the weather I want! I don't want to freak out all the environmentalists, but really, there is no evidence of global warming here in Northern Illinois, where it seems we will have winter perhaps until the middle of May. All right, enough about the weather. Here's my final shot to brighten your day! Evidently he was a bit excited about the red eye reduction flash!
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Krishana said...

Too cute! I do check your blog about everyday...and will continue to do so on my Blogger break. Lots of love <3

Catherine said...

My son also wait for the last "minute/hair-in-his-eyes" to say yes to an hair cut. If he agrees I will post pictures of him before (this evening) and tomorrow (after his visit at the hair-dresser). The difference between Brennan and Olivier is that your son is a "CHEF" at cooking! Mine not at all, he's waiting for cooking fairy, and laundry fairy, and every thing fairy ( he gets other qualities). As mothers we are fairies, we're also their lucky star!