Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Vermin, panic, and other unrelated topics

I was busy moving my scrap desk last night (which is all moved upstairs by the way), when I started not feeling well. I continued to push myself to finish even though I was feeling more and more shaky. I ate dinner, but that didn't help. I just kept working. Finally, I couldn't go anymore...I was having a panic attack for no apparent reason. I am grateful that I recognize them in the early stages now before I end up in the ER because I can't breath or slow my heart down. Anyway, I thought it best to call it a night and go to bed. Just as I was beginning to relax, 3 long blood curdling screams came from Kristina's bedroom. Her Dad remained calmly in bed. I asked, "Gee, would you like to see what that's about?" (Since she tends to be a little dramatic, we typically don't get too alarmed at blood curdling screams) She ran upstairs for dear life, shaking and crying! Evidently, as she was getting ready for bed and was adjusting her blankets just right, a mouse ran out of her bed!! Of course, her Dad was on a mission, he sure chased that mouse around her room (Yuck, Gross, etc.) But wasn't able to catch him. So...he set a trap last night, and I am pleased to report the mouse issue has been 'laid to rest' so to speak, this morning. I would also like to note that the whole time this was going on, our fat cat was laying in our bed with a rather disgruntled look on his face. It seemed as if we were disturbing his R&R with all of our commotion! I told him, "Don't get up...we'll take care of it!" as he lounged peacefully.

We have had mice in our garage over the winter, which I haven't appreciated either, and I figured it was a matter of time before one got in. (And it better have been only one!) So, of course, now comes the task of cleaning her room. I have a 15 hour day scheduled today so the deep cleaning will have to be tomorrow's task. Stephanie and Kristina had a sleep over in Steph's room, so finally we were all able to get some sleep. Pardon the pun but there was quite a bit of Ruchus at the Ruch's last night!

Oh, I guess I should also mention that I sent the girls to girl scouts last night, except there was no girl scouts. Surely, the church bulletin said there was scouts last night, but the church was empty. Kristina said, "I didn't think we had them tonight." So I asked her, well why didn't you tell me that? To which she replied, "Well, cuz you're usually right." OK, Did you hear what I just said? My 12 year old said that I, Me, Moi, am usually right! That's one for the baby book right there! (And for me to keep tucked away in the back of my mind for all those times she tells me I'm wrong:)

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