Saturday, March 15, 2008

Date Night

Tonight we're having date night...I have a date with my favorite people...Kevin, Stephanie, Brennan, Kristina, Zoe and Jason! Pizza for the kids and prime rib for us...then we are off to see Stephanie's musical. Photos and more on that tomorrow

Sarah and I went shopping today and I bought just about everything I need for my scrap room. I still want to get two quarts of paint and one more cube for my scrap desk. But we have gotten so much accomplished! I can't wait to get it done and to get my new computer set up. This has been such a long time process, I just can't believe it's near completion.

I have the baby girl Aubrey at 6:30 AM tomorrow! Church and then scrap room work. I also really need to get a lot of cleaning done, but other than that the agenda is clear. Stephanie has her final performance of Hello Dolly.

Look for many pictures tomorrow of this weekends accomplishments!

Until next time...

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