Thursday, March 13, 2008


I almost forgot! I was on the way home with my son last night and somehow we got on the subject of age. He was saying something that they talked about in school that happened in the 80's and then said..."Mom, you were alive in the 80's right?" "Ummmm, yup, and the 70's, and the 60's" "What?!?! He said, the 60's! That would make you 40 something and I thought you were 20 something" Gee Brennan, let me pull over and do a dance around the car!! "No, my sweetest, most favorite son! I am surely not in my 20's, as my daughter is really was I 7 when I had her? Oh, he replied, I guess that doesn't make much sense does it. "So Mom, how old are you then?" Uh really I'm 23 :) Ok, you got me, I'm actually 27. No? Ok, how bout 41? "41?!?! You don't look nearly 41" Ok, fess up, who paid him to say those things? Whoever it was, thanks for making my day!

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Catherine said...

So you're 41 ... in disorder! Funny dialog!
I'm 42 (soon 43) in disorder 24,34 that's acceptable. Our children maintain us young mothers,no?