Monday, March 10, 2008

Good Morning Spring!

Even though it is snowing yet again today, I am hoping for spring...hence the new blog more blue and white for me...only green and orange...I am wishing the warmth here!

I have to insert a private message here for my nephew...I sent you a text this morning...hope you got it and hope it was your right phone #...yes we will be coming to Dylan's party...We'll get there right about party time since I have school that morning...please send me hotel info...k? Thanks! Call Shana for my number since I'd like to not post it on here :)

Ok, so onward with Spring...I was perusing a pond book yesterday looking for pond upgrades for the spring, I have the 'weed patch' in my yard that desperately needs reseeding (which the lawn service will do, not me) and I can't wait to begin planting. We went by the local garden shop on Saturday and Kristina I can't wait to be shopping there! Gotta love that girl...I can't wait to be shopping there either! It's once again dark when I come to work thanks to DLS time, but I will surely appreciate the extended evening :) Have a happy Monday, I have a huge todo list today, but no more time to work on the todo...I'm back to class the Friday and have committed to reading 60 minutes a as to not be behind...time will tell :)

Until next time...


Candi Tardio said...

luv the pretty green + yellow :)

Catherine said...

I come from "Because I Said So". First common point.I was reading randomly some comments.
Then your first name has attracted my attention. It is very usual here in France. I thought you were french. Then I read your profile. 3 children (15 Stephanie, another name which sounds french, 13 and 12 years old) : 2d common point. (My youngest son is 4 years old but big sister and brother have the same age as yours).
You're child care director. If I really understand in what it consists,we got another (3)common point. Except I'm working myself as a child care, at home and with an association depending on the city hall. Am I right, concerning your profession?
And you like John GRISHAM books. (4) (I'm reading for the first time one of his book in English, given I'm french it's an accomplishment!). I'haven't already read all your posts! So I will come back in your blog, you can be sure.
You get a very lovely family.