Sunday, March 30, 2008

Weekend Update with Dennis Miller

Ok, I know only you SNL fans like me will get the title of this blog, but it cracked me up! Really if you can't make yourself laugh, than what else is there? So Friday, the girls and I finally went to get our pedi's done. I had the best massage chair and nearly caught myself in a drooling daze. Our toes are all ready for Spring and I have vowed that it is flip flops from now til October! Stephanie got her eyebrows waxed for the second time and is a few pounds lighter today! She has the thickest brows of all time and she looks so nice when they are arched. After that we were out with the family running a million and two errands. We finally ended up at the mall to get some spring shopping done. We get some really cute outfits for Kristina and a few pieces for me for work. Stephanie looked at every shoe store to find some tennies, but only found one pair she liked (of the 380 pair we looked at) and they didn't have them in her size :( She does need shoes and a few pair of jeans and definitely some shorts. But we were all tired and running short of time. We had my favorite Japanese food at the food court and headed home. I worked on the 2 tons of laundry and caught up on Tivo. The writer's strike has been good for me this year since I've had so very little time I've been able to stay somewhat caught up with my shows! Sunday morning I was up early to read the paper, do 4 loads of laundry (we're down to 1.8 tons of dirty laundry now) and then we were off to church. We met Grandma there and headed off to a surprise for the kids.

My friend Carlene shared a buy one get one free coupon with me for Medieval Times and so we decided to surprise the kids with a trip there to cap off Spring Break! We found it no problems at all, but walking in to the place my MIL surely tripped on something unknown and fell from toe to knee, to hip, to shoulder, to head right on the sidewalk. Really her whole self was lying there in the walkway. I did really try not to laugh, and I actually was concerned that she may have broken something, but when I realized she was ok, I could no longer hold it in and the hysterical laughter began. After she got up I asked her if she could lay back down on the sidewalk so I could take a picture for my blog, but sadly she declined. I am sure she will be sore tomorrow. Poor gal. The rest of the show was quite uneventful, and the kids really really liked it. It was so nice to spend some time with my girls... And my guys...We got to see the dancing Stallions....and they were really cool.The jousting was especially cool and Brennan really loved it. He did really well considering we had to eat with our fingers. He only had to go wash once but brought his half of chicken home to "eat that when I have a fork" (I didn't take into account his sensory issues when I made this plan) But it all worked out well and the kids had a great time! We stopped on the way home to see Poppy. He didn't seem to know us and was busily walking his path around the nursing home. I told him that Kevin was with us and he shook Kevin's hand and acted a bit excited to see him, so perhaps he knew him. It's hard to tell. We headed home to work on too much more laundry (you see the theme hear?) Clearly I am learning to hate laundry and wishing more and more for the laundry fairy to make a visit.
I picked this up the other day at the grocery store for $4.
What a buy. Every Easter I really miss Kevin's dad. He faithfully brought me an Easter Lily every year and so having one always reminds me of him. After he passed away, for several years, we bought one for the alter at church in his honor and then took it home, but this year I was remiss in ordering one. I was however, very happy to get such a good deal on this one, and can't wait to plant it out in my garden. Speaking of the garden, my daffodils are up and my flowering trees have buds. I sent the lawn contract in this sure signs of spring are upon us.
I'm out of town a few days this week for training, overnight for School and then we're heading overnight my cousin's first birthday. Whew! I'm off to catch up on blogs now and heading to bed...
Until next time!

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Catherine said...

This edieval show seems to be extraordinary. Good memories for the whole family! Tell Brennan it's not so different from eating at Mac Donald!