Tuesday, April 1, 2008


What on Earth is a Meemp? Did anyone watch the Bachelor last night? If so, you know about the girl with the 'Meemps' It was the craziest thing ever. Evidently this girl on the show get's what they all call the meemps, which was a cross between the hickups and a Tourette's like tick. The girls on the show were just talking about it like it was totally normal. The one girl said, "well of course she got the meemps when so and so was talking about so and so" CLEARLY they are all a bit of a whack job! My husband and I laughed so hard and then proceeded to Meemp throughout the rest of the show. We probably have a bit of a sick sense of humor...but really? Meemps?!?

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Sarah Doyle said...

okay the hiccup thing is weird but she is so cute and truly one of my favorites for him. So many are immature or PWT! I like the children's book writer and meep girl:)
Man, I love to listen to him talk.. that accent is so sexy:)