Sunday, April 27, 2008

No Pressure Blogging

"I just want to live...I don't want to blog about it" Should there be pressure that goes along with blogging? How many days without a post makes one a 'bad blogger'? Is there such a thing as a bad blogger? How often should one read blogs? These are just a few of the topics we discussed at scrap night last night. Just to clarify...all those choices are our own. What I most enjoyed last night was sharing each other's ideas about blogging, what we read, what we write, how other people's challenges have helped us keep our lives in perspective and how we all follow strangers that no longer feel like strangers. I had such a good time at Anne's house for scrap night. Firstly, I love her is so cute, and so Anne! Secondly, I love her Baby...I could surely take her home and keep her forever!
I am thinking that soon I'm going to host a girls night with no scrapbooking...just dinner and chatting...maybe game night! Last night I only made two pages, well really 3 (Yes, I the one who always give others a hassle for only making one page! ) I stretched out on the couch instead, read some magazines, and chatted...with my very best friends. Our scrap nights are so....indescribable. There we solve the world's problems, we fix our marriages, we bounce off child rearing ideas, we talk about work, the economy, sex...really no topic is off limits. Perhaps we could film our own version of 'friends' I wouldn't trade these nights for anything. It doesn't matter how tired I am, how disorganized I am, how I should be doing this or that...scrap night takes priority. It became my escape once I started school, and is just time to be with my friends. We are all different...some like dogs, some no, some are great grandmas, some are trying to have babies, some have kids, some do not, do we only have scrapbooking in common? Nope, we are friends....and that is enough!
So my point yourself...if blogging once a month is enough...I'll appreciate reading it. If you can do it everyday...great! But do we sacrifice our own time, our down time, our family time to blog? Not on your life! What I love most about my friends is they are all different, and all special in their own ways. By knowing this great group of ladies I am honored to call my friends...I am truly blessed. Reading their blogs is a bonus!


Sarah Doyle said...

Surely I could not have said it any better! So lucky to have you all in my life and I feel so connected to my friends after scrap night!

Krishana said...

Great post! ;)