Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Can you say fabulous?!?

So...yesterday, I finally had to do it...I could wait no more! I made the leap and purchased this... I just happened to be driving by Crimson Ridge and it said...Vera Bradley Spring Preview....well this 'Raspberry Fizz' pattern has been calling my name for a long time, AND with the purchase of the bag, you get the kiss lock coin purse for free, and then I had to buy the ID holder to match! So exciting...so nice to have a nice new clean purse! My other one really took a beating. The trouble with going to Crimson Ridge is that they have the hugest Vera selection ever AND they have a limited edition red,white, and blue canvas collection that I absolutely adore. So...perhaps I can buy a purse to only use 4th of July week? Maybe that will be on my list for Mother's day. We'll see. It's either that or a floor scrubber! I also scoped out the new D&B for spring, and they too are the cutest ever. Although they are way out of my price range, my daughter really likes them. Maybe with her internship money she can get another one this year.

My friend Laura bought me this... Pretty cute eh? I've had an empty fish bowl in my office for about...well, really 2 months 3 years. So it's about time I took the plunge a got a new fish. I asked my friends Jason and Zoe (note new school picture :) to help me think of a name for him. First, they thought we should name him Pescadito (the name of the fish in their classroom). I told them I wanted something different so they thought Ethan Lambert would be nice...?!?! Ethan is a boy in their class. I told them certainly we shouldn't name a fish Ethan...so I sent them home with homework...to think of a name for the fish. So...time will tell what they come up with! I'll keep you posted...

My great nephew Robert had his school pictures taken at my center...look how cute he is!

Can you say handsome?

Until next time...

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Catherine said...

I haven't watched your blog since 2 days, and it seems an entire week! You've written so many posts!:)
Artistic school pictures! and gorgeous models!
The school fish in Gabriel's classroom is called "Coquelicot" that means "Poppy". As yours is not a goldfish, ask Jason & Zoe for a new name, and tell us. Maybe "Violet"?