Sunday, April 27, 2008

To school, I bid farewell...for a while

Friday night was my last class for a month. A wonderful, fun-filled, enjoy the down time month!As this semester draws to a close I have to share a few things now that I am officially a 'SENIOR' (Yell that term really loudly while reading this for the most impact!)

Well, as you know a few weeks ago I walked into class and realized a paper was due. Can you believe that the very same thing happened to my pal Carlene? It did! And really it was my fault, cuz I borrowed her syllabus and never gave it back. Anyway...Carlene and I were dreamily speaking of being seniors and being ready to graduate when she said...."yeah, I bet the quality of work won't be nearly as good this time next year!" I replied, Yeah...we're really knocken em dead writing our papers 30 minutes before they're due! Mostly I amazed that we've been in school so long we can whip out a 4 page paper in 30 minutes. Oh, and did I mention we both have straight A's :)

Although we didn't have school Saturday, Carlene and I both stayed at the hotel due to the exhaustion level. I only brought my toothbrush and jammies and planned to eat at the hotel and drive home early Saturday morning. Much to my surprise, I was awakened at 10:45 when the cleaning lady walked in! Evidently Deb and Carlene had both gotten up and left and I didn't hear a thing. I must say that 12 hours of sleep was the best! Of course I came home and took a two hour nap-- and then headed off to scrap night with the girls...

More on that later.

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Sarah Doyle said...

So proud of you and all your hard work to better yourself and your family! You are half way there! Enjoy this break to re-energize and finish the journey:)It will be so worth it in the end!