Saturday, April 12, 2008

Thanks to those that continually bail out my butt...

This week I have reached a new height for needing help. Before grad school, asking for help was such a difficult task for me...but---not anymore. Picture this....I walk into class last night and it doesn't take me long to notice that everyone has a paper on their desk ready to hand in. Everyone, that is except me...should I run out of the room and feign illness? Should I make up some crazy story about my dog eating my homework? None of the above seems like a good option so I say to my buddy Carlene...ummm, yes, well, we have a paper due today? ;P To which she replies, "Um yeah, the article review." OOOOHHHHHH, the article review. As I think to myself...what in the h e double toothpicks article is she possibly speaking of?!? I know the class is 3/4 of the way over and probably now would be a good time to read the syllabus, but for real? Who has time? So, I sit through class pondering my options. I am grateful that on the board is written " Article Reviews, tomorrow" So, being the resourceful one that I am...I ask out loud...Uh yes, does anyone have an article I could possibly borrow to write a review on? As a matter of fact my friend Carlene had an extra! Now...some way to write it. Oh yes, the laptop my brother so graciously loaned me happened to be in the car...check. Now, how to get it to a printer. Uh yes, does anyone possibly have a memory stick I could borrow?!? What, you do? What, you don't know what else might be on it? Do I care? I promise not to look what's on it if you could just possibly loan it to me til tomorrow. Deal?!? PERFECT! I was set. Got the article, the laptop, the memory stick and one tired writer. I was way too wiped out last night to write a word, so I hit the bed. Got up at my regular time this morning 5A...had my paper done by 7 and was on my way to a relaxing panera breakfast by 7:15... OMG was I so glad I got it done, cuz when we got to class, we sure had to do a brief presentation about our articles...WHEW! One of my cohort members commented that, Gee, when I first met you I never would of thought you'd do homework the morning after it's due. Well, let me be the first to tell you...neither did I. I have two more weeks to get through before I have a month, a very much needed, a very desperately, if I don't get it I may self destruct, month off. So....for all of you that have bailed me out....a big thanks to you!

Now, on to other topics. I HATE BLOGGER!!!! Why are there times that we cannot upload photos? I hate that. I have great photos and great stories to go with them, but I cannot upload today for some reason and yes I've tried from 3 different computers, all with no luck. So, perhaps tomorrow. But here's a brief look at today. I got in a 4 hour nap, and feel human once again. I have to pick up Steph from her field trip into Chicago any minute, and pick up Kristina from a movie. Then we're off to my work to prepare for the family arts festival tomorrow. Church in the morning, then the arts festival, then a brief nap, then I AM GOING TO WORK ON MY SCRAP ROOM TOMORROW. I have a few new surprises to share once the photo thing is working. Tonight...I talked my son into catching up the dishes. I am determined to find the dining room table again, and to get some laundry done. I don't get to see my baby Aubrey tomorrow because of the arts festival...but surely am looking forward to having her in two weeks. I think Auntie may need to find some time between now and then to sneak her in, because she is changing so fast!! I did get to talk to her on the phone today. She is still speaking a language only understood to her, but is learning a new word every day according to her mommy. So sorry bout tomorrow fritzelcookie...I'll see you soon :)

The Tivo is full and deleting things since I am so far behind on hope to catch up on that early tomorrow morning, before church. Oh, and speaking of church...I'm speaking at church on the 20th regarding Organ Donation. Hope to see you there!

One final note....Cassie lass, if you're out there, I need a new email address for you...AND give Gabe a kiss for me.

Until next time...

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