Sunday, April 6, 2008

Happy Birthday Dylan

Just returned home from baby Dylan's first birthday. It was so nice to see all our 'Pekin' family again! Dylan wasn't too sure he was happy to see us at first! He was real serious! We had a cook out and the weather was great! 65 and sunny. Who would think you could plan a cook out for April 5th and have the weather actually cooperate? Dylan had about 882 guests at his party...Brennan and the boys had a great time playing outside...These little guys thought they were tough stuff having the big guy trapped in the shed...but when Brennan opened the door...they all scattered... just to start the whole process again. They ran around like crazy outside for the best part of two hours! As it got chilly, we moved inside for Dylan to have his first birthday cake... His Mom and Dad made his cake and also made him his own little cake. His Gramma made him this cake...and when you pulled the flame out it had money cute! I think Dylan may have been the happiest cake eater I've seen to date! He just loved squishing the cake between his fingers. I think he ate cake for 20 minutes!! while posing intermittently for the paparazzi that had gathered around his high chair! After a very involved clean up by Dad, he snuggled up to Gramma for a much needed nap! What a sweet baby. Take a peak at this for all the action... OK, ordinarily there would be a video here, but stupid blogger won't let me today...perhaps tomorrow

After the party, we headed back to the hotel for swimming. Unfortunately...we stayed in a brand new hotel and the pool wasn't open yet. Kristina was so disappointed. I went to the front desk to inquire and the lady said we could swim at the Country Inn and Suites...which was across the street. So...we were off. Brennan, Kristina and I all swam. The pool was brand new and really warm. After I swam a bit...I was sitting along side the pool and noticed Brennan's goggles. Ummmmm, dude, what's on your goggles? Yes, I believe it says 'Remove before use' yes, yes, it does! After we peeled off the protective coating, Brennan said...Man, I can see so much better now! Go figure. After so much running and playing and swimming, it wasn't long before he pooped out We had a great night's sleep and met everyone for Breakfast this morning. Kelly, his girlfriend, two daughters, grandson, Deb, Sarah, Rob, Rebecca, Dylan and us! 15 in all. After breakfast it was time to hit the road...Bye Rob, Rebecca, and Dylan....Thanks for hosting a great party!

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Krishana said...

Looks like you all had a good time. Great! Wish I could have enjoyed the fun too...but our Sunday was great. LOL. I was just waiting and waiting for Ry to get off on Saturday and ended up finally cancelling plans. :( So, I could have enjoyed the family time. :)

Krishana said...

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