Saturday, July 31, 2010

Substituted for your enjoyment

Bowling!! The agenda today originally included a beach day in Kenosha and then a trip to the drive in theater. The misty cool morning did not seem indicative of a bonus beach day, so we thought perhaps we'd head up later. Then, realizing the drive-in would be $40 plus snacks AND that the movies playing aren't very palatable to the MR., we had to substitute in a new plan. Bowling it is! Several months ago I won a bowling pass for 4 including pizza and pop. What can be better than that? We're off to the bowling alley! Hope my not 29 anymore back can get through it!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Summer Sloooooooow down...

Summer ball ended last week. I was just a little teary on the way home. The precious one was quite put out by this, "Whyyyyyy are you crying?!?" she asked. I responded, it just chokes me up. I'm not sure why. (But really, inside, I am sure why, so let me tell you...) I SO look forward to the lazy days of summer, and no matter what's on the schedule I do my very best to be at those ball games to sit. Just to sit. Oh! And to cheer...LOUD! For my precious one.
She has played summer ball I think for 8 summers now. Summers that have been filled with me reading text books with one eye and watching the game with the other. I didn't have school this summer for the first time in four years so it was fabulous to just sit and watch. The precious one's team was one game out of first at the end of the regular season...then came the tournament. Five games in two days?!? That's my kind of summer ball! It just so happened that one of my amazing brothers who happens to be the owner of a kidney I loaned him about 9 years ago was in town. After being up at 3 AM to travel here, he still managed to sit through two games and show his support for the precious one. He's amazing in more ways than one!
When all was said and done, summer ball ended and they came in second in the tournament. The undefeated team came in first.

Her team mates voted her most improved batter and she got a bat with all the girls signatures on it. Of course I cried! I'll just start listing the times I don't cry as that list would be much shorter ;) She had great coaches this year (The joyous ones coach from a few years ago) and that surely made a difference. It'll be a few weeks until fall ball starts but I , for one, will be ready!
We lucked out that it wasn't 100 over the weekend, but it sure has been hot. These days, affectionately known as the dog days of summer, are especially appreciated by one old dog I know... Now that he's older (10) he really just enjoys laying around in the sun, only rambling in to get a drink when needed and of course to sleep in my bed when it's too hot outside!
I love the affordable and fresh fruit of summer...especially delicious blueberry waffles on a Sunday morning! YUMMY!!
I love the birds and typically I love the yard work, although I haven't felt it much this year. We have been inundated with thistles for about 5 years now and it has caused me to experience weed pulling burn out! Even my lawn service couldn't get rid of them after 3 years, so I gave them the boot (The lawn service...not the thistles, well I would have liked to give the thistles the boot, but alas, it wasn't meant to be). Now, God is my gardener and I just enjoy the monarchs, yellow swallowtails, hummingbirds, and gold finches those darn thistles attract...
I'm not exactly sure my neighbors appreciate this natural type of attraction...but for now, I'm practicing appreciation and am holding on to summer with all my might.
Next week, I register all three of my precious babies for high school. Good Lord, get the kleenex ready!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

I call the upstairs computer tomorrow...and other anomolies at the Ruchus household

I often wonder how things have evolved into the state that we are currently living in. For instance...I fondly remember the joyous one calling, I call the front seat! While racing to the car faster than her brother. I call the last donut...while trying to beat dad into the kitchen...good luck with that one! I call being the first to mow the lawn...ok that one never really happened but a weary mother can hope, right? This is the current state of affairs with the Ruchus.

Two years ago, I got me a TIVO so I could watch TV without the worry of the actual schedule of the shows....the problem? I have a TIVO, but I can't ever use the TV! How could I have known I also needed to purchase my own TV? I often point out that the TIVO is in fact mine, but to no avail.

I also have a lovely computer that I purchased specifically for scrapbooking and photo editing...(I think at the time I said it would be for homework, Master's thesis, etc, but really? Scrapbooking is much for fun! But, guess has become the World of Warcraft computer or the Skype computer or the anything but mine computer.

About a week ago, I added some blog revamping to my Covey planner...and somewhere in my silly 40 something mind I actually thought I might get a minute to use the computer. OOOHHH Contrare! I realized after a few days of stalking said computer that this is not the case! Even as we speak, the sonshine is continually asking, "Mom are you done yet?" As he waits not-so-patiently on the scrap room floor. Now if that isn't music to my ears....NOT!!!!! Anywaaaay...I have put my foot down for moms everywhere. I called the computer! ...yesterday... before I left for work...with one day's advance notice. Take that!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Rockin the to do list...

I have had the wonderful experience of having 2 and 1/2 weeks off. Yesterday was my first day at work (without students) and today the students returned. This break was such a wonderful time, in that I had a vacation AND enough time at home to feel READY to go back to work. Who ever feels ready to go back to work? I did. And it is SO nice to be refreshed, rejuvenated, and ready to Rock the to do list. The best part of my job 6 more weeks we have another break! I hope I can keep this momentum the entire 6 weeks. The possibilities would be endless.

I also have some exciting challenges coming up. I have been asked to speak at the Illinois State Board of Education Non Public School Conference on "how to turn around a failing school" Evidently someone, somewhere thinks I have done that...and honestly, I have led an amazing staff to do that, but I myself have not done that. So really, I'll be presenting a talk on leadership versus management, which is one of my VERY favorite topics. Having worked for a host of nightmare bosses, I hope I can share some information on how not to be a nightmare! I'll be submitting my proposal here in the next few weeks. Cross your fingers. Also, for a while, I have been teaching child development classes, but have wanted to teach some other classes that I have written regarding staff supervision, communication, educating the individual, and other things I love. Well, I finally got excited to do so...Soooooo more workshops to submit for approval.

A few of you know that I have wanted to write a book for quite some time. I finally have my first firm topic idea and am ready to get started. I have a few connections who have published several books, and although I have changed contacting them in my planner on more than one occasion, it is on my to do list and I find that exciting. Stay tuned as we move along that process.

Finally, I'm getting ready to start my second to last semester of this master's degree. Big sigh of relief, with bigger things on the horizon to replace the time and effort that school has taken for the last 6 years. I am SO ready!

Be rockin your to do list! You'll be so glad you did...I know I am!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Bucket list revisited

After an awesome time away from my planner, the house, and the pets, that included a lot of down time, time outdoors, time in my FAVORITE weather (hot and windy) I've realized it is time to revisit the bucket list. It seems that as my babies have gotten older, the bucket list has included things I want to do before the kids are...such and such age, or before the kids get to high school, or before the kids are in high school, or before the kids go to college, etc. This past week, I can honestly say that the bucket list may have some things added to it that just include only me, or only Kevin and me.

Changes...acceptance of things to come? You decide. All I know is, there's a lot I want to accomplish...things to experience, things to learn, places to visit, time to relax, goals to accomplish. I believe I'm adding a bucket list page to my planner, so that when things cross my mind, they can be promptly added and prioritized, lest they be forgotten...

Time away is a good time to reorganize your thoughts. To have a chance to listen to yourself. I am ready to be back to life, back to the pursuit...I'll keep you posted!