Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Bucket list revisited

After an awesome time away from my planner, the house, and the pets, that included a lot of down time, time outdoors, time in my FAVORITE weather (hot and windy) I've realized it is time to revisit the bucket list. It seems that as my babies have gotten older, the bucket list has included things I want to do before the kids are...such and such age, or before the kids get to high school, or before the kids are in high school, or before the kids go to college, etc. This past week, I can honestly say that the bucket list may have some things added to it that just include only me, or only Kevin and me.

Changes...acceptance of things to come? You decide. All I know is, there's a lot I want to accomplish...things to experience, things to learn, places to visit, time to relax, goals to accomplish. I believe I'm adding a bucket list page to my planner, so that when things cross my mind, they can be promptly added and prioritized, lest they be forgotten...

Time away is a good time to reorganize your thoughts. To have a chance to listen to yourself. I am ready to be back to life, back to the pursuit...I'll keep you posted!

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