Tuesday, July 27, 2010

I call the upstairs computer tomorrow...and other anomolies at the Ruchus household

I often wonder how things have evolved into the state that we are currently living in. For instance...I fondly remember the joyous one calling, I call the front seat! While racing to the car faster than her brother. I call the last donut...while trying to beat dad into the kitchen...good luck with that one! I call being the first to mow the lawn...ok that one never really happened but a weary mother can hope, right? This is the current state of affairs with the Ruchus.

Two years ago, I got me a TIVO so I could watch TV without the worry of the actual schedule of the shows....the problem? I have a TIVO, but I can't ever use the TV! How could I have known I also needed to purchase my own TV? I often point out that the TIVO is in fact mine, but to no avail.

I also have a lovely computer that I purchased specifically for scrapbooking and photo editing...(I think at the time I said it would be for homework, Master's thesis, etc, but really? Scrapbooking is much for fun! But, guess what...it has become the World of Warcraft computer or the Skype computer or the anything but mine computer.

About a week ago, I added some blog revamping to my Covey planner...and somewhere in my silly 40 something mind I actually thought I might get a minute to use the computer. OOOHHH Contrare! I realized after a few days of stalking said computer that this is not the case! Even as we speak, the sonshine is continually asking, "Mom are you done yet?" As he waits not-so-patiently on the scrap room floor. Now if that isn't music to my ears....NOT!!!!! Anywaaaay...I have put my foot down for moms everywhere. I called the computer! ...yesterday... before I left for work...with one day's advance notice. Take that!

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