Saturday, March 8, 2008


Ah yes, my favorite words of summer. Sitting in the heat, the cold, the rain, the burning sun, the wind, in my comfy chair watching my girls play softball. We completed registration today for HCC Summer Ball. It is just a phenomenal program and I think this is my girls 5th year or maybe 6th's hard to remember. What I do know is that summer isn't summer without Summer Ball. It saddens me that this is Stephanie's last year to play since she will age out next year. Hopefully then she will play for the High School, but this year, I will enjoy watcher her at HCC. Practice starts in April...Gee, I'm hoping it's warmer than 24 by then. But in the meantime, we'll be hitting the batting cages and getting ready. Stephanie's favorite coach will be in her age division this year so she'll will be back with the team she loves (and pitching) and Kristina will be on her same team that she's been on the past 3 years. She has the best coaches, and every year they have placed 1st or 2nd. They are tough when they need to be and loving when they need to be. They are a great team. Not many girls withstand their expectations, but Kristina has thrived under their guidance and has become an awesome catcher and hitter.

I have so much to blog about, but my computer is not cooperating in uploading photos (grumble grumble) so I will have to burn them to a disk and upload them tomorrow from my other PC. I've been working on my scrap room today getting ready for Sarah to come help tomorrow. I'm going up to paint to paint one wall and the closet and then I just need to pick up some, and I'm ready!

Until next time...


Candi Tardio said...

can't wait to see the new scrap room :)

Grammie said...

Been watching the Chicago guys sure got it this winter..hard to imagine what those ice-cold temps and all that snow would be like..Our rose bushes are sprouting their new leaves, the trees are beginning to sprout out and soon will be showing their beautiful blossoms and, yesterday, I was wondering when your plants start showing signs of Spring, maybe in April? All I know is that it appears our yard needs some huge efforts this year.
Wow! Ohio sure got it yesterday, didn't they? Told Larry that when you were 3 years old, I had my last big auto crash in a storm like that in the red ford taking you kids to the sitter's. Do you remember that, Jacque.

Anonymous said...

Hey Aunt's Rob. I don't have your phone number and this is the only way I can think of to contact you. Well... I was just checking to see if you got Dylan's invite yet. I text messaged Shana about a month back to try to give you guys up north an earlier heads up but I'm not sure if she passed the word on.
Anyways, sounds like you are busy as usual and things are picking up here on our end as well.
Talk to you later.