Wednesday, March 26, 2008

The top 3

OK all you idol fans. The competition is heating up! I'm feeling a but unwilling to name the bottom 3 this week....but I can definitely name the top 3. Brooke, Michael Johns, David Cook. WOW!!!! Weren't they awesome last night? By the time I got home, I sure had a pounding headache. I managed to sit my butt in the recliner though and get through Idol before heading to bed. It was a great night. Kristie Lee was good, but still needs to go...Chikeze, not good at all, in fact Boring... and Syesha...she was great too. David Archiletta was so cute, and I really loved the song he chose and the performance, but the judges....well not so much. So, time will tell. I do think they are all very good this year and can't wait to see the tour. My hubby said last night that he wants to go too this year! That's gonna be so fun and I can't wait!

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