Friday, March 28, 2008

Celebrity Apprentice

OMG!!!!! For all you apprentice fans out there....was that the best episode ever?!? Even though I I believe that Piers is evil through and through I also believe he should have won. There is one thing though....really, it came down to who you know...a little bit more than what you know or how you perform. Unfortunately, I believe it mirrored real life. AND, my man TraceSURELY could have won had he used his OWN celebrity to raise money. I believe that was his defining error in the game. If he would have asked his fans to each send $10---just think of what might have been raised! He absolutely displayed grace, loyalty, honor, humor, and integrity. There were a few moments last night that I thought were so touching....(and why I love him) The first was when his girls arrived and he started crying. What an awesome Daddy. And then, of course, when he sang the live version of "You're gonna miss this" which is available on itunes today as part of his charity fund raiser. He is such an awesome Dude...and so handsome! I about wet myself when he and Lenox Lewis had to go shopping for nail polish for the Back Street Boys! The search for Wheat Grass juice was even more odd. In case you find yourself in need of some Wheat Grass Juice....look here Barf!! Also, one of the BSB's (as Trace came to call them) also needed a knee brace for his poor twisted knee. Trace lamented that he had a stomach ache so bad one time but performed his concert anyway. He left right after the concert and had surgery to remove 18 inches of his colon! Now THAT was spoken like a true cowboy! Both of the finalists had awesome charities they were raising money for, and if your feeling the need, you can donate here It was truly a great season finale....and despite his crazy gotta love 'The Donald"! I, for one, cannot wait until next season! This show gets my competitive juices flowing, and if I was in a different place in my life, I would sure try to get on his show!

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Anne said...

Sorry I didn't watch so I don't really know what happened. Who ended up winning?
COME ON! That picture of Zoe is to cute! I bet they are so excited for Disney! Talk to you soon!