Thursday, March 13, 2008

A dose of independence

Yes my 12 year old is now in full blown adolescence. She and her Dad have had a few disagreements lately and she is still a bit angry with him. I suggested to Dad perhaps a session or two with our family therapist would help. OK he I scheduled an appointment for the both of them. As I told Kristina this last night, her usual 12 year old pout came over her face and she replied, "What? You didn't ask me first? Then I'm not going!" OK, I said, that's certainly up to you...(a good dose of Parenting with Love and Logic never hurt anyone you know!) and the pout continued. In case I didn't hear her the first time (and probably wondering why I didn't argue with her), she said it again..."I'm not going!" To which I replied, "OK, love you...see you in the morning" Time will tell on this one, but it's sure nice to know she is exerting her independence right on schedule :)

Hello Dolly, Well hello Dolly...yes, that song is surely stuck in my head. Stephanie has her musical this weekend with the last 3 1/2 hour dress rehearsal tonight (the forth one this week!) She was quite sleepy this morning and it is obvious that it is catching up to her. Of course in addition to the rehearsals, she's had a ton of homework this week, so some nights she's gotten home at 9:45 and still had homework to do. Tomorrow, Grandma will go, then I will go Saturday, and Dad will go she'll have someone at every show. The show is at HHS, if you are interested in going. I think tickets are $5-- Friday and Saturday are at 7:00 and Sunday matinee at 1:00. There productions are really great. Perhaps I'll see you there!

Finally the snow is melting...the foot thick chunk of ice at the end of my driveway is finally gone, but it sure is a time of year when everything looks a bit ugly :( Soon, it will be beautiful...I just need a bit of sure was a rough winter...I hope that the potholes get filled soon before my suspension is shot!

Yesterday, my daughter had a threat at her school, written on a note found in the bathroom. The note compared the NIU event to what would happen at HHS on 3/27. The only glitch is there is no school on 3/27. It is sad that kids are so disturbed as to write threats such as these. The school was abuzz with police officers and news cameras :( It feels like anywhere you send your child is risky...that is where faith comes in. In church last week, Dr. Bill emphasized the importance of daily prayer. I have had a renewed effort this week to pray for those I love (and the list is long) -- but I've done pretty good with it this week. Sadly, I had gotten out of the habit of praying for my children. Kids today need a lot of support to get through the craziness and parents that love them despite their craziness. So, I pray.

Today, I have a mammogram, 18,000 errands to run, a group to facilitate tonight, and homework to do. If time allows, perhaps working on my scrap space....sounds iffy at best. I was surely going to do it last night, but laid down for a brief [or really a 2 1/2 hour] nap, and that was up in time to see David Hernandez get voted off idol, and really was a bit surprised. Yes he didn't do well this week, but really did people like the square dance version of 8 days a week better? Evidently! I think sometimes the girls' cuteness carries them through when their music isn't so good! The best part of Idol this season is by far...TIVO!!! No commercials, no watching the endless chatter when I don't feel like it, and no watching them sings songs again that weren't good the first time!

Have a great Thursday!

Until next time...

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Stephanie Joy said...

hello mommy, k so i just wanted to give you an update... the threat was on the bathroom stalls... and the date was for this tuesday the 18?? im not sure the date but it is next tuesday. Also this week the practices have been form 5:30-9:30 I believe that is like 4 hours. anyway, you were close. k love ya see you .... idk hopefully tomarrow.