Friday, March 21, 2008

Moderated Comments

I just wanted to post quickly that I have added comment moderation to my blog. Unfortunately, I got a virus/spam comment posted on my blog yesterday. I have reported it to blogger. If you read my comments, do not open the comment from Kaghan...where it says look here or here. I have a great virus scan that promptly deleted it from my computer. So...please don't think I am monitoring what those I love have to say...but unfortunately, I do have to monitor what strangers do. :(


Grammie said...

Oh my goodness! Good thing I'm not that smart, I guess. I thought Kagan's remark, "See here or here" was an English term they use in the United Kingdom meaning they applaud you! I thought about it for a few seconds longer asking myself, "Is that how they really say it in England?" and then moved on not ever having the thought to "open" anything! DAH! Now, I know my daughter is probably rolling in the isles as she reads this, thinking, "Only me mother would have those thoughts!".

Catherine said...

I have had the same, Jacque, on Monday morning! It was called from AKINOL and said "see here or here". As I am curious , I went in the first "Here" and it loaded something weird, no interesting for me, so I stopped loading, and keep the message on "comment moderation" without publishing it. But I've opened it yet! Thanks to you, I'm going to delate it right now. So, be careful to AKINOL too.

Jacque said...

Nice to hear from you again Catherine! Hope all is well in France!