Thursday, October 30, 2008

This crazy space that is my mind is overflowing...

There is just so so much floating around in my head today, I could probably sit and blog the entire day...but I won't...I'll spare you the details. I do want to share with you this... What is that you ask? My very first check from Blogher! What? Getting a check for sharing my random blatherings? Have I died and gone to Heaven?

When I got the mail the other day and there was a letter from BlogHer and immediately I thought, uh oh...have I violated something? They're cutting me off cuz I'm just too boring and my blog is growing too slowly? NOT SO!!! They're sending me money! Love that! Especially when it's not payday week and we need deodorant and toilet paper...Pennies from Heaven I'll tell ya! OK, maybe I'm just a bit too excited, but it sure was a good time. Some days it doesn't take much to excite me I guess.

Onward...last night I got a text from my most favorite nephew in the whole world...'Where are the Weenie Roast pictures?" Since I am setting a good example of not texting while driving...ahem... I chose not to answer...yes that's the reason. Not because I thought I already put the pictures up here, not because I had to double check and sure enough they were not up here, not because senior moments at 42 are not such a good thing...purely because I DO NOT!!! I repeat DO NOT!!! Text while driving. (That's my story and I'm sticking to it!) So....I do intend to put those pics up here...when, let me see, when....I just can't commit and let me tell you why...

This is Thursday...I am still one Halloween costume short (yes I have teenage trick or treaters) -- I have 1 pumpkin to buy, 3 pumpkins to carve...teacher treats to make and a potluck dish to make for tomorrow...after I put in my 13 hour day today. Really, if there is any down time among us...I will get those pictures posted. Promise!

My son and I had a truly awesome experience last night, that I'm choosing to share on my ketchup only blog @ cuz it fits there better. Take a gander if you have a minute...and have a great Thursday!

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