Sunday, January 25, 2009

What a night...what a game!

Saturday night Stephanie and I headed out to the Harlem game...mostly to get signatures on my school board petition. It was a super good game and I'm so glad I went. I guess I didn't realize there were games on Saturday night...I sure plan to make them some of my weekend events.
This game was fabulous...besides I got a ton of signatures and yes I have enough to turn in my packet tomorrow...but, as I mentioned, the game was great...we started out ahead, and then behind, and then at the end of the game...we tied and went into overtime. The Huskies rallied and the thunder had about 40,000 fouls in overtime which sealed the deal for the Huskies. Go Huskies! I'd like to add here that we're in second place...but not really...there's a three way tie right now for 1st...
Sunday, I made it to church, but that's about it...I spend the rest of the day in bed...uggh! Hope to be feeling waaaaay better tomorrow.

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Sarah Doyle said...

sounds like your game was just as exciting as Hononegah/ Auburn. Hope you feel better and good luck tomorrow!