Monday, June 2, 2008

Trying to grab some happiness as it flies by!

My life is full of so many things that are terrific! For that I feel truly blessed. I find it hard to take a minute sometimes to take it all in. On Thursday, my friend Laura brought this new friend into her life... This is her new baby Maltese Gracie! How cute is she?!? I got to babysit her Friday while Laura made arrangements for someone else to care for her during the day :) My little friends Zoe and Jason loved her just as much as I did... She is such a good puppy! And over the top with the cuteness :)
Friday night and Saturday I was back to school. I got through the reentry ok, and I have a FABULOUS professor! I learned so much in those two short days.
Baby Aubrey was with us Friday night for a while and then overnight Saturday into Sunday...I am blessed to have babies to love... Little babies...and not so little babies. My baby Aubrey is a budding gardener and took a minute to closely examine the daffodils... She asks a lot of whats that? and what? so I do my best to explain to her and to teach her the beauty of the Earth.
After school Saturday I headed into work until about 8:00. I was back there at 7 Sunday morning and headed home exhausted finally at 5:00 yesterday. I am so glad to finally have preschool graduation behind me. It was a great time with over 300 in attendance! Man is that a lot of work! Two of my very good friends children graduated which always makes it a bit more meaningful for me. Sarah and Stacie made it too which made it feel like old times. Man do I miss them! Ironically, I still used information sheets that Sarah made me three years ago to get through the event without forgetting anything!
While cleaning up from graduation I got a call from my brother to discuss preliminary planning for the trade show that Stephanie will work at this summer. Sounds like a great time! I'll post much more on that later.
Tomorrow is surprise day for my children...surely can't talk about it here cuz they'll see it! I start my internship. Meanwhile...I'll keep trying to keep up with my wonderful life.
Until next time...


Catherine said...

Always busy! But now I undertsand why : )

Stacie said...

I'm so glad I came yesterday, and thanks for the comment. I do miss all my friends and those babies grew up on me!

Anne said...

The graduation was so nice and yes I did cry like a crazy fool but I really did think I would hold it together more than I did...Ummmm I guess not! Hahahaha
The next time I will cry like that is probably in 3 years when my little girl graduates! Oh My how quickly time will fly. You will definitely have to come back for that...I could cry right now again thinking that you're going to be gone next year...sad. It was so nice that Stacie and Sarah came too! I was so surprised to see them! I'll see you in the morning!
Baby Mark Moore is in my prayers...