Thursday, May 8, 2008

The L-A-S-T Day

Yes, today is my last day of my internship. I have my review on Monday, but today is my last contact with clients and my last group. I am very sad to be leaving this group and the ladies I work with there are so very amazing. It will definitely leave a void. And I will think of those families often. I have had such a great experience there and have learned so much.

In the middle of Stephanie's concert the other day I got this phone call..."Mrs. Ruch? This is Dr. Malawalawalalalabala (slight exaggeration :) -- from ___ Hospital. We are calling to get information regarding your Dad's admission to the hospital." Hmmmmm, odd, I didn't know he was in the hospital. Long Story Dad has Alzheimer's. Baaaaaaaad Alzheimer's. He doesn't know who he is, he doesn't know us, he walks a path around the nursing home all day, speaking to no body, in perfect health, and sadly that is his life. Because he is violent at home in my city will take him, so he is over an hour away. This is what I know. He was found on the floor of his room on Monday night with two lacerations to the head that required stitches. He is not eating much and has lost a substantial amount of weight. (This from the guy who had no fat to begin with) -- Now the hospital is calling me, saying they have no idea why he's there and when they contacted his Dr., he had no idea either. I told the nurse everything I knew and had planned to contact the home the next day (yesterday) So...yesterday another Dr. called me to ask again why he was there and discussed some information he had (which was not true) I was so angry! So...I called the nursing home administrator and informed them that I had not been advised he was in the hospital and that the Dr.'s do not know why he's there!!!! Finally his nurse from the nursing home called me and told my I could call the hospital and give them the nursing home's phone number. Some strange poltergeist took over me and I began speaking very slowly, calmly, and clearly. I told the dear nurse...."I AM NOT calling the hospital. I do not have his records and I do not know why you sent him there, and further, I was not contacted when he went there, and I will NOT clean up your mess" Clearly the nurse didn't understand me the first time, cuz he offered again that I could call the hospital and give them the number. Finally, I said, "NO, you need to call them, and you need to call them NOW." Evidently, it became clearer for him at that moment. So...I called last night to check on him, and yes the nursing home had finally contacted them with the info. Poppy was evidently feeling better since he was wandering into the female patient's rooms last night and was not being friendly when asked to leave. They ordered nutritionists services to up his protein to promote wound healing and did a CT scan after the fall which was negative. Since this is a behavioral hospital the visiting hours are very limited. So, Kevin and I will head in there Saturday night to see him. Poor Poppy.

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Catherine said...

Oh! I'm very sad to read your daddy's story. Reading it, I was thinking that our parents care for us all our first years, then, later, it is sometimes, our turn to care for our parents.
My grand-mother had Alzheimer too. It was awful for my dad, and us to see her degradation. That's a terrible illness for the family relatives, fortunately, at a certain point, I think the sick doesn't realize (only at the begining).
I would have been really upset just like you on the same circumstances. How can they move a sick from the nursing Home without informing family? and ask for you to help matters? I wish you and your family, courage for the newt years with all my heart.