Saturday, May 17, 2008

Crackin me up!

So, I had to share this insane story with you. If only I had a picture of the certified, yes certified letter I got in the mail the other day. I innocently came home from work to find one of those orange sheets in the mail box that says you have a certified letter. I didn't say from whom, but it did have a Rockford zip code. Just a little blip on my radar screen but nothing more. My husband however was beside himself. He couldn't sleep all night worried that someone was suing us or we owed money or whatever. So he was up bright and early to run to the post office to pick up the letter. "Dear Mrs. Ruch, It seems that you have missed your last Dr.'s appointment ...... it is health depends on it.....shame shame shame.....blah blah blah." The man of the place REALLY didn't find this amusing. I for one was cracking up. REALLY? You're kidding me right? You sent me a certified letter to tell me I missed an appointment that I didn't even know I had? Hmmmmph! So.....not wanting to disappoint fair Dr. I called RIGHT AWAY in the MOST urgent manner to reschedule my appointment. The nurse said, "well, um, let's see, yes, here it is, the next appointment we have is....{wait for it!} NOVEMBER 10th!!!!!" I laughed out loud. I don't think she was the least bit amused. CLEARLY, she wasn't amused at all! I said cheerfully, "Ah yes! November 10th, that is perfect. I can see that my good health depends on this appointment and I will gladly see you, yes in 6 months!" laughter on the end of the nurse. I hung up and went on with my life. Why are people crazy? Why do Dr.'s offices send certified letters that you missed your appointment. Is their phone not working? Probably a better use of their my money would be to send me one of those handy postcards complete with the 14 cent stamp to remind me of my appointment. Because I evidently go to THE most popular Dr. on the have to make your appointments like a year in advance....and yes when I made the appointment LAST YEAR, somehow (seeing that I didn't yet own a 2008 calender, since they more than likely weren't created yet) the information didn't get transferred to my new calendar, resulting in yes...the dreaded missed appointment. Blah, blah, blah

On with life...

Today is Saturday and I am thrilled!!!! I got up early to finish the book Escape-- which was an intriguing and fabulous read of all cult things crazy here in the US....I'd recommend it. I threw in some laundry, threw out an unopened gallon of milk that was already sour (grrrrr), am getting ready to frost two cakes that I made for today's fun fair....trying to roust my eldest out of bed to prepare for softball later today, and contemplating what to make tonight at scrap night. I have that wonderful feeling that the world is my oyster today and only fun things are on the agenda!! Tomorrow my baby gets her Bible and we are having lunch at my house....Ahh yes, family favorite....and then back to work Monday. Hopefully I'll get to mow and garden a bit somewhere....although my lawn is looking great--that seems to motivate me more to make it look better....odd isn't it? The lawn service was here yesterday and edged all the beds, added new mulch, and weeded. Evidently though they forgot I have a back yard a phone call will be required Monday to get the job done. I called yesterday to the pond people to have them come out and revive Kristina's pond for spring. Should be done in about 2 weeks, and also the lawn service will come to reseed our former playground area in the back yard. After that, just flowers need to be planted, and I think we'll be good to go for summer. :)

Must get on with my day !!!!

Until next time...

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Catherine said...

You also get abberations in your health system! Incredible!
When Gabriel was ill during holidays I asked for an appointment with a pediatrician. She refused to see him! because she had too much appointment. She proposed me to go to E.R.!
Thanks to that kind of people (ours and yours) E.R. are crowded!Anyway, Ilove the way you write this one, very humoristic!