Monday, May 5, 2008

Tag from Catherine

So my friend Catherine (in France) (first let me say I love knowing someone in another country, even if through blogging) but friend Catherine offered up this tag...

What was I doing 10 years ago?

I always rank my past by how old my children were. 10 years ago, my babies were 5, 4, and 2. So I was quite busy. We had lost my father-n-law in September of that year, and were still reeling from the effects I'm sure. We had purchased our new home the year before and were still busy decorating and settling in. We were spending our first holidays in our home instead of traveling to various relatives homes. And for work, I was working at Kiddie College for a bit, and then at E. Riverside Learning Center as Assistant Director. Those were stressful times to say the least. I am grateful to be where I'm at today.

5 Things on my to do list today...

1. Answer this tag :)
2. Go to the Dentist
3. Pick Stephanie up at Upward Bound
4. Work in the Yard
5. Laundry (Is there ever a to do list that doesn't include laundry?)

Things I would do if I was a billionaire...

Definitely purchase a winter home on the beach
Pay off my student loans
Buy my MIL the condo of her dreams
Move my Dad into a private pay Alzheimer's Unit close to home
Buy a trip for all of my we could all be together....for like a month!
Help out any other family members that need it
Be a philanthropist

Three bad habits/qualities of mine...

1. Procrastination!!
2. Disorganization!!
3. Over doing!!

5 Places I've Lived

1. Beloit, Wisconsin (where I was born)
2. Roscoe, Illinois (where I grew up)
3. Atlanta, Georgia (my first home away from home)
4. Rockford, Illinois (my first apartment in Illinois)
5. Loves Park, Illinois (Home)

5 Jobs I've had

1. Pork Chop Alley (Grill Cook)
2. Chuck E. Cheese (As Chuck E.)
3. Illinois Bell (Service Rep)
4. Various Day Care jobs (infant teacher, twos teacher, Assistant Director, Director)
5. West Teleservices (operations Manager)

5 Books I've Read

1. Parenting Teens with Love and Logic
2. Do Scrap Book Magazines Count?
3. Family Violence
4. Current Controversies in Family Violence
5. I Love You Rituals


Amy said...

Oh. My. Gosh! You are a real live Chuck E. Cheese?!? I love that!

Thanks for the compliment on my web design. It is my own design. I am using a Blogger template that I modified. I created the header myself (with much assistance from my artistic husband) using a free photoshop like program called GIMP (

Diane said...

You are right, laundry is a chore that can never actually be finished.

Thank you so much for your reassuring words. Both my kids are under 2, but with every passing month is gets easier and easier. I didn't believe it at first, but it's true and I see it every day. Even if I could, I'd never change a thing.

Bless you for having 3 so close. You are a better woman than I am because I do not think I could do it.

Catherine said...

Thanks Jacque, to do it! I know I could trust on you.
Laundry, day without laundry. I've forgotten it on my tag, especially when you come back from vacation! It's so usual, like breathing.
10 years ago, you were very busy, yet.
"be a philanthropist" I will stay your friend! : ) And stay mine if I become billionaire, no one knows, we can dream after all.
Thanks again, you're so sweet.