Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Happy Birthday Breeber!

Brennan Milo Ruch, Born 5-12-94 @ 1:32 PM My son turned 14 yesterday. 14!!! Hard to believe isn't it? To coin an old phrase...it seems like yesterday...he was still my little baby. As a boy, he has always amazed me. Even from the second he was born, you could tell he was a boy. He had little boy shoulders and a little boy chest. I remember saying the second he was born...look at his little shoulders! And marveling at how amazing he was. I am so blessed with this child. He is a challenge. Autism is a challenge, but one I wouldn't trade for anything. I connect with him. I understand his soft heart. I understand how he desperately wants to fit in, and how he wants to have friends, and how we wants to be liked. I understand his joy after playing with his friends last Friday and sighing, "This is the happiest day of my life!" I understand when he cries when someone has hurt his feelings, and my heart breaks for him. I understand when he is bullied and doesn't understand why. I understand why he stands and looks at flowers, or the sky, or a bird on her nest and says, "Nice work, God!" Or when he sees the sun peak through the clouds and says, "Mom, look at God's Glory shining down." I understand when his Dad is tough with him and I have to bite my tongue, because I know he needs this too. Believe me my son I understand, because in my heart...you will always be my precious baby boy. Now as he is on his way to manhood and whatever the future may hold, I continue to understand and I continue to love him with my whole heart. He still amazes me. Happy Birthday Brennan!


Catherine said...

Happy birthday, Brennan! You know some boys are notexactly "tender" one for an other, specially, when they feel a sensitive mind in front of them. These boys don't understand why you don't need an armor to protect you, as themselves do, to pretend they are beefy in their heart and their behaviour. Only a couple of years, and you will be the winner, because you're yourself, true with your unique personality, you'll be appreciated for that.
Jacque you're speaking of these little "rounded" shoulders, aren't you? Gabriel got the same.

Candi Tardio said...

happy birthday brennan! hope you had a great day :)