Monday, May 5, 2008

Outdoor Delight- Tales from the garden

Little Mama Update....Yesterday, my friend Sarah and her son Jackson came over for some 'Garden Sharing'. First, I must say that I never thought Sarah and I would become 'Garden Sharers' since she was so never about gardening. However, with her new house, she's kinda been forced into it and I love that!! Anyway, while Jackson was there, I got out the step stool to check to see if there were eggs in the little mama's nest. Of course, I'm not really tall enough to see in there, and even if I was I'd have to crank my head real sideways to be able to see in the nest. So, I sent Jackson off to get the camera, so we could see what was inside....much to my delight (and his) , this was the result. (Don't worry, I didn't touch anything) I can't wait for them to hatch! Aren't they so pretty? )Ok, maybe I'm the only nature freak, but I love it!
I finally got around to starting a project I had wanted to do for a long time yesterday. A few years ago, our white crab apple tree died in the front of our house :( This was the most beautiful tree ever. I have tried to replace it for the past 2 winters but sadly, it never made it through the winter...until this year. My new tree is covered with buds and ready to burst into bloom! :) What needed changed though was the location of the tree. I was constantly fighting the other tree since it was planted much to close to our house (by the previous owners). So this tree I planted in a good location, but that required altering the flower bed. I wasn't going to do this until I got a tree to live. Well, since the tree lived, it is time to reshape the flower bed...So last night I started with this... (note the tree is not part of the bed) And ended with this... This project is far from finished, but I got the hosta dug up and divided, lots of grass taken out, the bed redesigned and a good start on the project. I hope to work more on it tonight. I still have lots of grass to take out still, but am so glad I got it started. Tonight looks like another beautiful night weather I plan to work more on that project then...
OK, Sarah, this part is for you. I divided the remaining chunk of Hosta last night. You need a REALLY sharp knife...(like a serrated ginsu knife). First, cut the Hosta into large maybe cut the entire plant down to three pieces. (That's the really hard part) I used the knife to cut the clump apart and then a small hand shovel to pry them apart. After that is done if you want smaller pieces, then cut them into smaller pieces. Don't try to cut smaller pieces first, cuz you'll end up breaking them. Once you get them cut into smaller chunks, and planted....then they'll look like this... The day lillies are no trouble to divide at all. Just cut the chunk in half using a big shovel, and cut it in half again. If you want smaller plants, at this point you can usually pull apart the plants with your hands. I'll be home tonight if you're working on it and need me :) (Pretty soon you have to add 'gardener' to your resume :) Good luck!
Overall it was a VERY productive weekend. We are working toward cleaning out the house for the clothes drive, we cleaned the whole house, the kids had a movie night with 10 friends on Saturday...and Sunday....Church, naps, dinner, and gardening. Who could ask for more?
This weekend my Mom had her pageant. Although she didn't win, she is a winner in our eyes! Congratulations Mom on a job well done!
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Catherine said...

Never seen blue eggs before. I'm a city woman . Nature create very strange and beautiful perfect things. What kind of bird is little mama.
You're a gardener expert! In France we call them : personnes qui ont la main verte (Green hand persons). Not like a Martian, just a nature Lover : )