Monday, September 17, 2007

Where'd that weekend go?

Wow, what a busy weekend. It started off with school, of course...I headed home from Lake Geneva to grab a quick 30 minute nap, then I was off for my haircut. It's not exactly to my liking but it will do. Might be time to have John cut it again....(Larry for short haircuts, John for long :) ) After the haircut I was off to see my friend Sarah at the Alley Walk. The Alley Walk...not so great this year, but Sarah's booth was too cute. Had to buy a few things there. Even though I can make them myself, it's hard to resist when they are sitting there already done :). Bought some super cute composition books for the girls. After that, we were off to the mall, (which I've already addressed in a previous post), dropped Kristina off at Caroline's for her surprise party, and left there to go to the craft store with my's hard to describe that experience...picture my mechanic husband holding up little flowers and picking out stones that he thought should go in the candles I made. It doesn't fit his character but it was sweet none the less...left there went to Lone Star and blew my diet...but man was it tasty. Finally, time for bed. Up bright and early at 6 to go to Walmart...made all the food for my nieces shower, made the game prizes, and was off to the shower (only 1 hour late of course) I wasn't late for the shower, just for the set up. My super cute Aubrey was there, trying hard to be a walker...(pictures will follow as my husband needed the camera)...I had a terrific time at the shower. Nice to see my niece, sister n law, and other family. We played some fun games, and got to catch up and laugh a lot. Didn't get home from the shower until 5:30!! Grabbed a quick nap, 2 hours, maybe not so quick?...went to panera to pick up the bread for work, grabbed some taco bell for dinner (tasty!) read the newspaper, did 2 loads of laundry, and was in bed by 10:00. What a beautiful sleeping night it was. If every night could be 55 degrees, I'd be in heaven. I had the window wide open last night and it was great! I woke up at 3 and was grateful that I had two hours before I had to get up. So....was up at 5, and off on week #2 of my internship, AND back on the diet... :) Have a great week!

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