Friday, September 28, 2007

Sure wish I had a picture for this one!

Tonight as I pulled in the driveway, it was a little (ok a lot) evident that my car desperately needed it does faithfully about once a week. Of course Kevin was in the driveway cooking on the grill, and could hear the rather dry engine sound from afar. "Turn it off!" he said, "Before it blows up!" Gee and I thought just my girls were dramatic...anyway...this that and the other thing, he asks, "Have you put oil in that lately?" "OIL!?!?!" said I..."well no, remember the other day when you had to bring a gas can to put gas in my car, so I could make it home, because really with the whole working 75 hours a week, I didn't have time to get gas, no debit card (lost it), no cash, no shell card, no gas, yada yada yada, mostly because I forgot to get gas?" NO, I had not put oil in the car. I said, I think there's some in the trunk...please take care of that. So, I went to open the trunk for him and discovered that latch was broken...again. The trunk latch works for about 2 times after it's fixed and then it breaks again. Why don't we use "the key" you ask? Well, the key hasn't worked in the lock since we got the car. So that's not an option. Anyway, I don't really sweat the fact that my trunk doesn't really open though because my back seats fold down and I can access the trunk that way. It's a little inconvenient when kids are sitting in the back seat, but I've learned to live with it. Anyway, Kevin decided to fix the trunk right then (I guess) I saw him crawling in the trunk through the back seat and assumed he was crawling in there to get the oil. So, I gathered my things and headed in the house. I went back out to talk to Kevin about dinner and there he was...most of his "self" was totally in the trunk (through the backseat) with his feet sticking up and out of the car. Evidently, he decided to fix the trunk (from the inside, through the backseat, in the driveway, while grilling chicken) and was yelling to me for assistance....Things like, "Ok, try it now! Can you get me a screwdriver? Are you there? Ok, try it again..." Funny thing was, I wasn't there. However, my neighbors were out in their front yard working, right across the street. I pondered, should I stroll over there and explain what that yelling was coming from my trunk? Nah, we'll just let 'em wonder. It's all part of the 'total experience' living across the street from 'The Ruchus' !

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Candi said...

hey the music :) like the change of your blog too!!!