Monday, October 8, 2007

Until we meet again...

My Aunt Ruth passed away this morning at 2:22 Cottonwood, AZ time. The phone rang here at 4:38 our time. It's one of those calls I had been expecting for days now. My cousin Kim sounded shaky and tired, when she calmly stated..."Mom died at 2:22 this morning". She was at home, and her husband and children were there with her. Brain cancer...another soul lost to the "C" word. I will miss my Aunt Ruth (and Godmother) so very much. Her home was such a safe haven to me as a child. I loved to be there in the summer and experience the carefree days. Girl scouting, typing on the typewriter, summer camp, pulling weeds, swinging on the tree swing, baking cakes, going to the farm stands, getting chiggers and itch weed, learning everything there was to learn about "Pekin" Illinois, and getting to know the latest pets...and there were many...Misty, Gretchen, the rabbits, the chickens, and many schipperkes (small black dogs with bright eyes and no tails)--I was fortunate enough to be able to buy my aunt her last schipperke, which they still have today. At least there will be some "one" to keep my Uncle Leo company. To Deb, Kim, Kerry, had a great Mom, cherish the memories. To Brandon, Kimberly, Craig Patrick, Katie, Krishana, Cassie, Robbie and Sarah...your grandma loved you so very much. Know that you will see her again some day. To Dylan, Aubrey and Gabe, you aren't old enough to have memories of Auntie Ree...but we will help you to remember by the stories we share, and all the photos we keep the memory of this great lady with us...until we meet again, on the other side...God Speed Aunt Ruth.

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Candi said...

jacque, i am so sorry for the loss of your aunt. so great that you have all those wonderful memories.
love, candi