Friday, October 12, 2007

Upcoming Events

Remember that crazy October calendar I posted earlier...well, this next week is the crazy one...Here's what's on the agenda...10/15 my dad turns 76, 10/17 my mom, Larry, Cassie, and Gabe fly in, 10/19 rehearsal dinner, 10/20 Shana & Ryan's wedding :), 10/23 my birthday {41}(only 10 shopping days left!), 10/26 Stephanie turns 15, 10/27 Stephanie gets her driver's permit, 10/28 Stephanie's birthday party in Chicago, 10/29 Mom leaves to go home, 10/31 Halloween! Did I mention the 70 hours a week to work also?!? The good news is my cold is gone, the migraine has passed and I'm feeling good as new! Going to Sarah's tonight to scrapbook, which is l-o-n-g overdue! Have a great weekend!

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