Thursday, October 4, 2007

Truly a blonde moment

Yesterday, I had the opportunity to go to my niece's wedding gown fitting. Although her gown is not what I would have chosen (there is not one sparkle on it you know) -- it is every bit of her, and she looks quite beautiful wearing is simple and elegant, and lovely. I was pleasantly surprised that my baby Aubrey was with her so I got to see her too! She was a little sleepy, and was a bit dramatic yesterday, but precious none the less! So, Shana tried on her dress and as I said it looked quite lovely...the seamstress was adjusting the hem, which wasn't quite right, and determined that Shana would need to leave the dress there for further alterations. As they were trying to figure out what day Shana could come back for another fitting the seamstress asked, "What day is the wedding?" to which Shana replied, "Oct. 13th." (long pause on my part) "Shana, your wedding's not the 13th, it's the 20th!" (long pause on her part) "No, it's the 13th" she said. Oh my gosh! I thought, the poor girl is having so much prewedding stress, she has forgotten what day her wedding is! I calmly said, "Shana, everyone is flying in on the 17th, how can the wedding be on the 20th? They would all miss it!" She paused again, "'s the 13th" she said confidently. By now, the seamstress looked puzzled and went in the back room. Shana leaned over and whispered to me...I meant to tell you that I told them the wedding was the 13th, so my dress would be sure to be done on time, and I wouldn't have any stressful last minute appointments....OH!!!!!! (lightbulb suddenly appears above my head) then...ooops, sorry! I said, honey, you have to tell me those things so I can play along. She said, "I was trying to give you the look!" The look!?!? What look?!?!? Do I look like a person that would notice a look? I'm in near zombie state all the time...I wouldn't even know to look for 'the look', let alone notice the look. The seamstress reappeared and said, "So the wedding's the 13th?" Yup! We both replied. (I'm checking the mirror now to determine my true hair color!)

P.S. I have pictures of Shana in her dress, but they are top secret until after the 13th....err, I mean, the 20th. :)

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