Monday, September 7, 2009

Surgical Update

My sonshine had his surgery 9 days ago. In laymans terms, he had about a 1 inch piece of bone removed across the top of his foot that had grown across and fused with other bones that prohibited the moving of his foot from side to side. Add this to his incredible flat footedness and he was in pretty constant pain. He got throught the surgery fine and missed about a week of school. He returned for 1/2 day last Wednesday, then went all day on Thursday and Friday. Friday afternoon we went to the Dr., where they removed his initial packing. He has about 0 range of motion right now and couldn't even move his toes. This week his assignment is to be able to write the letters a, b and c before his next appointment on Friday...we'll keep you posted.

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jennifer said...

Wow. He has been through a lot. Praying that he will continue to heal properly and gain range of motion.

Please give him my warm well wishes!