Sunday, January 2, 2011

December Daily - December 21st

Our main family tradition at Christmas time, revolves around our cookie baking extravaganza. I took this picture to demonstrate that I do, in fact, have the smallest kitchen ever that has created hundreds of dozens of cookies! Our baking is usually a 5 day process. Day one planning cookies and recipies and making the shopping list. Day! Day 3 and 4 baking, Day 5 decorating and then our favorite :) This year we added peanut butter cup cookies and they were fabulous! They will definitely become part of the annual list which includes sugar cut out cookies, cranberry cookies, strawberry sandwich cookies, thumbprint cookies, russian tea cakes, peanut butter blossoms, peanut butter balls, peanut butter cup cookies, corn flake wreaths, and carrot cake cookies.

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