Tuesday, December 21, 2010

December Daily - December 20th

One tradition that didn't happen this year is our outside lights. Of the 9 strands necessary to icicle our entire house 3 of them didn't work. By the time I got around to purchasing three more, the roof was ice/snow covered, making it way too unsafe for one of the girls to get up there to put up the lights. Another tradition, the snowman tree, almost had a similar fate. You see, I am a fan of snowmen. I just don't think there is anything happier than a chubby, snowy, snowman face. I love them so much that I have a whole tree with only snowman ornaments. Kristina brought the tree up from the basement, arranged all the ornaments and replaced the snowflakes. She plugged in the tree and fsssssss. The top half was dark. The tree sat that way for at least 10 days while I shopped for another strand of white lights. Oh, did I mention I'm cheap? I'm not paying $8 for a strand of lights, so I was shopping for the $1.50 strand. I finally found it yesterday at Target...so now my snowman tree is back in business! Kristina was so kind to undecorate the top, put on the new lights, and redecorate the tree for the second time this year. Merry Christmas my little snowy friends!

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