Thursday, December 16, 2010

December Daily - December 15th

Mmmmmmm, can you smell it? The amount of baking that goes on in this house at Christmas is nothing short of world record setting I tell you! This year, in addition to the hundreds of dozens of Christmas cookies that will be made, I decided it would be nice to bake each of my staff members a baby loaf of bread using my sister-in-law's terrific banana bread recipe. The glitch with this recipe is the baking time is an it's quite the production. Especially considering I only have one oven and one rack in said oven (For 5 years now...heaven forbid we actually plan to, remember to, and purchase a second rack). At this point I have16 loaves baked, but need 42. I had planned on baking all night on Thursday, but got a call last night that I now have to host a Christmas Party for one of our staff members who had a family emergency. At this point, I believe there will be a whole lot of late night baking and not a whole lot of sleeping going on at the Ruchus.

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