Thursday, December 16, 2010

December Daily - December 14th

I have spoken before on the ole' blog about being a procrastinator; actually about how I can turn procrastination into a fine science. The Ruchus Christmas cards are a fine example of the difficulties that can arise when the gal in charge participates in procrastination with a capital P. Some years I call them New Year's cards. Some years I hope to call them Happy Summer cards, but to save myself the embarrassment, we just begin looking forward to next year :) This year, things are different! I started the cards in October when I was at a weekend long scrap retreat. Fabulous I KNOW!! Then, we planned the Christmas picture to be taken when we cut down our tree. Even though my sonshine didn't cooperate and ended up being grounded over his less than stellar enthusiasm toward our group family photo AND even though I have now discovered that each card requires 88 cents in postage, which do the math equals a small fortune....the Ruchus Christmas Cards went in the mail TODAY!!! Well....most of them. I have a few folks that are address hold outs...and if you're one of those GET ME YOUR ADDRESS!!! But other than that, people on the far coasts of this country will be receiving their Ruchus Christmas card on time...Merry Christmas y'all!

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