Thursday, December 16, 2010

December Daily - December 13th

Today's December Daily is about the tradition that wasn't. Every year when the kids were little, my mother always bought them an advent calendar. There was always some kind of fiasco that included someone eating someone else's candy, or someone eating all 25 pieces the first two days, but none the less, it was tradition. After my mom moved away, I began purchasing the advent calendars and more of the same continued. No one ever fessed up to eating anyone else's candy, but as they kids got older they got smarter and began hiding their calendars :) This year, in the flurry of all things Christmas, I overlooked the advent calendars until this December Daily project got me to thinking about our traditions...So today...December 13th I began calling around to find their calendars. After 11 phone calls...count them 11 to various Walgreen's, CVS, other pharmacies and Hallmark, I have sadly decided there will be no Advent Calendars this year. The Advent Calendar in 2010 is the tradition that wasn't.

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