Sunday, December 12, 2010

December Daily - December 10th

Forth time is the charm. Do you ever know how something needs to be just so? Well...that is the issue with our Christmas tree star. We had a star for many years that we loved...Finally it died and we through it out. Last year we bought a beautiful angel for top of the tree, which really wasn't so beautiful. Nobody liked it. Maybe if it had lights it would have been better. I'm not sure. It matched my Mom's tree so we gave it to her. This year, we started on a search for our new star. I refused to pay 20 or even 30 dollars for a star. No way. So I bought a $5 one at Target and after I got it home...well let's just not mince words here, it was butt ugly! My husband and I searched at least 8 more stores and couldn't find anything we liked. Some were pretty, but open in the back where you could only see wires. Since you can see the front and back of our tree, that wouldn't do. I finally resigned myself to the fact that we weren't finding a star this year and bought red sparkly ribbon to make a big bow. But then! The Christmas miracle...I went to Hobby Lobby and there...was the exact star we had before, 50% off, making the grand total $6. Now...our previous star had red lights. When I got home I told the girls...the only way this could be better was if this star had white lights. I plugged it in and behold~ I bring you tidings of great joy~ The star shimmers in the night.


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