Friday, November 19, 2010

Welcome to my humble blog abode

When I come back to blog, I feel home. From the layout to the photos, to the memories, to the music...this is my place and it is uncanny how connected I am to this place. When I log into the Ruchus, a million posts cross my mind...posts that haven't made to your eyes...but they are there. Life has been craaaaaazy busy lately, and I am rounding the final bend toward graduation. Mine...and my baby girl's. I am taking the time to savor her last days as a high schooler, attend her events, take pictures, hug her, and just marvel in the amazing young woman she is becoming.

I still come here to keep up with you...I read your blogs, when I have a minute and it's nice to catch up with people I know very well, yet have never met. Blogging continues to amaze me.

This weekend, I've had a moment to rest, relax, be by myself, read, watch TV, nap, and spend time with friends. Tomorrow the rest of the Ruchus will join me and I will get to share in the joy that is my family. Just wanted you to is awesome...and amazing...and yes I'm still here!


Anonymous said...

Glad to see you again! I know what you mean about coming back to the blog. It is home after awhile, isn't it?

Enjoy your family time.

Shari said...

Glad you're back. I try to write a bunch of posts and schedule them whenever inspiration strikes. It makes it easier than trying to write every couple of days. Inspiration doesn't strike that often.