Friday, June 25, 2010

Take note all you ice cream lovers

Take note readers...tell me specifically what you notice about this cone...
Did any of you mention the paper wrapping on the bottom of the cone? If so, good for you! Now let me tell you why. Tonight after many hours of retail therapy with my mama and a few cranky teens, we thought it'd be nice to drive through and get an ice cream. (Which by the way turned into McDoubles, Cokes AND ice cream cones) Anyway...about half way home my mother innocently says...gee, my cone tastes like paper. I glance to the left where my mother is sitting/driving to see her cone just about gone along with quite a bit of the paper wrapping. I clearly stated (before going into hysterics) perhaps that's because you're eating the paper!! Ohhhhh what wonderful times we have! My mother says you need a good laugh to 'clear the acid from your system'. I'm not always sure what that means, but you can rest assured there is no acid in my system tonight. I'm just grateful we got home safe, while we all laughed so hard we cried, all while Grammie was driving!

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Kim Arden Horta said...

that is so funny! I really needed a laugh today...thanks. Love Kim