Sunday, June 20, 2010

Where have I been...have you been there too?

I know I've been in school a looooong time and that blog reading has really fallen by the way side. In case you have been just a smidge busy too...let me help catch you up...

Dawn of divorced! Seriously! Who knew?

Matt, of Matt Liz an Madeline is dating...Seriously! Who knew?

Ree of Pioneer Woman is still madly in love with Marlboro man...we all knew that right?

There you have it...this things I've learned today. Oh, and I think the Jen of the dust bunny hostage has moved...but I'm not sure, I'm just not that caught up yet.

If you're reading my blog and wonder what's up at the Ruchus...weeeeeeeellll

Gratefully we have no divorced or dating scenarios to report. The Ruchus is still as crazy as ever. The kids are freshman, sophomore, and a senior in the fall! Wow! 3 in high school, the moment we've all been waiting for.

The house...well let's just say we won't post any photos.

The man of the place hasn't ripped his pants lately AND business if finally picking up.

I have 32 more classes before being done with grad school...again.

Just wait for the blogomania that will occur at that point!

Be blessed all! Speak at you soon!

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